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The OAO company Karpezin's Trading house in Korea – sells turbocompressors for sports, automobile, trucks, for construction and agricultural machinery production to Korea
We are the largest guarantee supplier of producers of the turbines Garrett, BorgWarner, Mitsubishi, Holset, Hyundai, Kia
In our export warehouse constantly to be in South Korea the necessary quantity of turbocompressors for all automobile and trucks, both European, and cars of koreyky production are available in turbine existence for special equipment.
The company develops a network on delivery of turbines directly to the customer passing intermediaries thereby reducing delivery periods and product reductions in cost
Now the OAO Company Karpezin's Trading house in Korea works at the territory of Ukraine and in CIS countries.
Thanks to the adjusted system of logistics, delivery of a turbocompressor necessary for you is carried out in the shortest terms, any carrier convenient for you.
Our clients, get turbocompressors at the most favorable prices.


Sooner or later practically each owner of the car with a turbocompressor asks a question: "where to buy the turbine?". 
It is caused, first of all, what not all drivers follow service regulations of the car, pay to its technical condition due attention and pass routine inspection. 
One of the frequent reasons of breakage of the turbine – a problem with greasing. If in a rotor of the turbine the necessary amount of oil which greases doesn't move and cools a detail or if in the unit oil from bearings gets, repair of the turbine is inevitable. To prevent this trouble, skilled masters advise to use oil only quality, to fill in it in the demanded quantity and regularly to change. Besides often young and still inexperienced drivers after a stop of the car try to kill the engine as soon as possible. And after all for so short period the turbine can't lower turns and continues to rotate that over time will result in its wear and necessary repair. 
One more provocative factor – the worn-out or strongly polluted air filter. Also premature wear of the turbine is promoted by addition of gasoline in diesel fuel that can't be done by no means.