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The strengthened springs of the STORM SPRING made in Korea company
Springs of 236 Heavy Duty Spring series 
To put or not to put the strengthened springs — this private matter of everyone but while other alternative is NOT PRESENT, apart from "collective-farm options" (pneumocylinders, pro-rates, a redoing of fastening of shock-absorbers etc.)
For strengthened springs much installation it is a way to solve two problems: the first — it to liquidate a problem with shift (swing) of a back axis on the rough road at a speed over 100 km/h, the second to solve a problem with loading capacity, having put 5 passengers not to put the car on "belly"!
And the effect why improves management after replacement of details is very simple.
The strengthened springs are more rigid regular and kayaba shock-absorbers are more rigid, at the expense of it stability of a body is higher at a longitudinal and diagonal swing. The biggest plus of these springs, it that the lobby and a back suspension bracket were leveled on comfort and riding feelings! Now when moving holes, lying police officers, lobbies and back wheels fulfill roughnesses with identical comfort, rigidity and a sound.
The car isn't shaken and it doesn't rearrange, and the increased course on 20 mm of a dense and elastic suspension bracket fulfills shock loadings better. In a consequence we receive stability and big safety at a high speed!
Why it is necessary? And what results?
The road gleam is higher, loading capacity is higher, stability on the rough road and high speed is better (complete with KYB 343307), there is more course of a back suspension bracket, are ideally suited for longer shock-absorbers. Solution with management, comfort and safety increase.