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We buy cars constantly from auctions of insurance companies and from individuals, both emergency and whole on the run, respectively from it and a difference of the prices. But, each car is discussed upon. It is anyway favorable to buy a car entirely as separately spare parts are calculated more expensively. Sending is made from our site, containers and pallets.


The whole cars for the range of spare parts     USD price 
Matiz F8CV   400-500
All New Matiz,  Morning,  Spark … A08S3  G4HE  600-920
Class: Sonata  Avante,  …     700-1760
Class: Sonata. Avante,  2006 -…     1800-2300
Class: Sonata YF. Avante MD,  K5 2010 ~ …     2400-3500
Starex, New Starex D4CB   D4BH  1200-1700
Galloper D4BF  D4BH  1200-1700
Terracan J3  D4BH  1200-1700
Santa Fe, Tucson, Sportage  CRDI D4EA  1200-1700
Santa Fe CM 2.0/2.2  VGT D4EA  D4EB  1700-3500
Santa Fe DM, Sorento R, Tucson ix35  2010 ~ … D4HA   D4HB  4100-5900
Sorento  145ps D4CB   1200-1750
Rexton 662   1200-1750
Musso  Korando 661 662 1100-1530
Kyron, Actyon, Rexton 664 665 1700-2900
Korando C, Korando Sport, Turismo, Rexton … 671   4100-5300
Grand Starex  174ps D4CB   4100-5900
Bongo III, Porter II 123ps J3 D4CB 1200-1750
Bongo III, Porter II 126ps J3 D4CB 1750-2350
Bongo III, Porter II 133ps D4CB  D4CB  3500-4700